A Study of the role of the Nigerian Media in the 4th Republic

From the morning of Tuesday, September 5 through the afternoon of Wednesday, September 6, 2017, media scholars, managers and professionals will gather in Lagos under the auspices of the Diamond Awards for Media Excellence to examine how the media have performed from 1999 to 2016. Have they lived up to their constitutionally assigned duty as watchdogs of society, monitoring governance and upholding the government’s responsibility to society? Have they been passive participants, more interested in supping up to authorities as captives of vested interests? Have the media owners been dutiful in their responsibilities to their employees or are they contractors ready to sacrifice public interest on the altar of partisan/commercial interests? How well are the professional bodies advancing the interests of the media by widening the democratic space? What has been the impact of the social media to the media gate keeping functions? What lessons can Nigeria learn from fellow African states like Ghana, Kenya and South Africa when it comes to discussing the media’s watchdog roles?

Scholars from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, the United Kingdom and the United States will be sharing perspectives in what promises to be a groundbreaking summit.

Presentations will centre on:
State-Media Relations and the Constraints they bear on Media Freedom
Democracy and the Digital Public Sphere
Democracy and the Broadcasting sector
Media as Watchdogs: The Ghanaian, South African and Kenyan Experience
Media Reportage of Religious and Ethnic Conflicts: The Northern and Southern Nigeria Experience
Corruption in the Media: the Brown Envelope Syndrome
The Road to the Freedom of Information Act and Beyond
Roundtable: Media as Watchdogs: Overview, Economic and Technological Issues

What are your thoughts? As the holy book says, many are called, few are chosen. Participation is by invitation but three free slots will be given to our Facebook friends, who can convince us about their knowledge/interest in the subject matter.

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