ENTERPRISING DUO: Ololade and Akinrinade


For Olatunji Ololade, winning is becoming second nature. As joint winner of this year’s Health Reporting prize, he is making a back to back win at DAME in the Health Reporting category. In earlier editions, he had also won prizes in Political, Judicial and Child Friendlily Reporting, making him a versatile reporter. A product of the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic where he studied mass communication, he has been with the Nation since year 2008.

His partner, Olukunle Akinrinade, is a product of the Lagos State Polytechnic Ikorodu, where he also studied mass communication. Although he was the first runner up in the Investigative Reporting category of DAME 2013, he is making his debut as winner today.

Akinrinade’s ten year career has taken him to the Enquirer where he was an Assistant Editor, later to New Star newspaper as a Lifestyle Editor, before joining The Nation in 2008 where he is a Chief Correspondent.

Their report highlights the danger of unrestrained consumption of hard liquor freely advertised as potent remedies for sundry ailments. The report shows enterprise on the part of the reporters in obtaining samples of such popular drinks and having their properties analysed at the University of Lagos. The report serves as timely warning to health authorities that a lot still needs to be done to protect our citizens from unhealthy habits fuelled by ignorance and appeal to base instincts.


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