CITATION OF Gbenga Adeleke Ogundare


Gbenga Ogundare’s two entries, “Why Little Emmanuel won’t get justice” and “See how much you care for me” detail the travails of three-year old Emmanuel Omonoshi in the hands of an eye surgeon. The first entry discussed Emmanuel’s visual challenge at birth. He was born with congenital bilateral cornea opacity, a condition which prevents light from reaching the light sensitive retina. In an effort to correct this defect, Emmanuel went under the scalpel and was given a new cornea which fell off after just three days, a development which suggests due care was not exercised. When efforts to correct young Emmanuel’s visual impairment failed in Nigeria, he sought help in India.

The verdict is that his condition is irreversible.

The second story details Emmanuel's search for justice and why his petition to the Nigerian Medical and Dental Council will take long in coming.

In an era where our reporters do not see stories to the end, the judges found Ogundare’s effort commendable. He has to investigate a story with strong human interest; drawing attention to the fact that a young child, due to wrong diagnosis and to no fault of his, missed an opportunity to redress the blow nature had dealt him.

Gbenga at 40 is taking home his first DAME prize, having emerged as first runner up in the Child Friendly Reporting in 2006 and in Judicial Reporting in 2012.

Ogundare, acting Editor of National Daily, is a 2002 graduate of Mass Communication from The Polytechnic, Ibadan and has practised as a Journalist for 14 years, notwithstanding his own visual challenge.

Distinguished guests, please welcome Gbenga Ogundare, the child-friendly journalist of the year.


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