IN emerging as the 24th DAME Newspaper of the year, the Punch came first in three categories, second in five and third in seven. She took the first position in Editorial Writing, Development and Insurance Reporting and recorded second place in Editorial Writing, Child-friendly Reporting, Insurance Reporting, Informed Commentary and Health Reporting. She was third in Child-friendly Reporting and Child Media, Informed Commentary, Editorial Writing, Development, Business and Health Reporting. THE story of The Punch is that of resurgence. Starting out in 1973 as a weekly, it grew to be a daily paper in 1974, providing a refreshingly different style of news presentation. Then it fell on hard times and went down from the pinnacle of success to the depth of despair. It picked up and has grown to be one of Nigeria’s most successful news organs. Winner of the Newspaper of the Year prize in 2013, it lost the prize to the Nation in 2014, but has now reclaimed it in 2015. The Punch titles have Martin Ayankola as the daily editor, Toyosi Ogunseye as Sunday editor, and Emeka Madunagu as editor Saturday, with Adeyeye Joseph as controller publications and Demola Osinubi as editor-in-chief and managing director.


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