CITATION OF Adekunle Yusuf,

WINNER OF THE Editorial Integrity

The Editorial Integrity prize rewards uncommon fidelity to professional ethics. In selecting Adekunle Yusuf for this prize, cognisance is taken of his steadfast determination to unravel some unwholesome practices in the war against drug trafficking.

His series on ‘How corruption, leadership hamper NDLEA’s drug war’ was a bold, public service effort to educate the public on why the war against hard drugs was not being as successful as it should be.

In taking up the assignment, Yusuf displayed commendable initiative, courage and tact. His findings of course were not palatable to the leadership of the NDLEA and efforts were made to discredit his work.

Yusuf’s employers took time to investigate the claims of the NDLEA and were satisfied that the reporter had been professional in his assignment.

Yusuf’s effort attracted the attention of the Senate, which devoted a session to the State of the war against drugs, decrying the rising wave of illicit drugs trade in the country, committing to reviewing the extant laws with a view to restructuring the NDLEA.

Yusuf, ex Tell, is a well trained journalist. He holds a Bachelors degree in Mass Communication (2002), Masters in Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA (2012), and a Certificate in Advanced Writing and Reporting, Pan Atlantic University, Lagos.

For his fidelity to professional ethics in the face of public attack, for his doggedness in putting public interest ahead of personal aggrandisement, Adekunle Yusuf is the winner of the Nigerian Press Council prize for Editorial integrity.


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